Keep your pet safe and stylish for boat outings with these designer life
jackets! Salty Paws life jackets provide ultimate buoyancy and high visibility
to keep pets safe in the water. Each jacket includes adjustable nylon straps,
reflective strips for maximum visibility, along with a comfortable velcro
fastening system around belly.
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Life Jacket Sizing for Blue Polka Dot,
Pink Polka Dog, and Nautical Prints

XX-Small 0-6lbs/ 6.5"Length/ 7-9"Neck/ 11-16"Girth

X-Small 7-15lbs/ 8.5"Length/ 8-12"Neck/ 15-19"Girth

Small 15-20lbs/ 14"Length/ 20-25"Neck/ 21-30"Girth

Medium 20-50lbs/ 14"Length/ 20-25"Neck/ 21-30"Girth

Large 50-90lbs/ 16"Length/ 24-30"Neck/ 30-37"Girth
Pink Polka Dot Dog Life Jacket
Nautical Dog Life Jacket
Neon Yellow Dog or Cat Life Jacket Life Preserver
Life Jacket Sizing for Neon Yellow,
& Orange Life Preserver

Back: Measure length of pet’s back from the base of
the neck to the base of the tail. See below for
estimating by breed.

Size                        Length
Teacup                          6"
XX-Small                      8"
X-Small                        10"
Small                            12"
Small/Medium             14"
Medium                       16"
Large                            20"
X-Large                        24"
XX-Large                     30"