Our Tail

Salty Paws is one of the original gift stores for dog & cat lovers, for those who consider their beloved
furry friends an important part of their family. Established 1994 in Newport, Rhode Island, Salty Paws is
now headquartered in Punta Gorda, Florida, USA.  

Salty Paws fashions for both dogs and cats are fabulous, and the doggie bakery cookies are to drool
for. Canine and Feline friends can find the purrrfect selections of chic bling, toys, treats, carriers, and
sleeping mats just to name a few.  Salty Paws is a mecca for humans who seek classy, pet related
gifts and pet items. Salty Paws is known as the pet boutique that carries your dog or cat breed related
gifts. Salty Paws does its best to get each and every breed possible in shirts, hats, frames, figurines,
ornaments, and much more. We offer our great products on-line with the same personal, friendly
service that has built our great reputation.

If you have ever been to our store in Punta Gorda you might remember being greeted at the door by our
three hosts, Rocky , Sadie, and YoYo. Rocky is a feral cat that grew up in Fishermen's Village. Rocky
adopted our store in 1996, (cats just know a good place when they see one). We do not know the exact
age of Rocky but we guess he was born around 1993. Since 1996 Rocky has never missed a day
hanging his hat on the wall at our store. You can find Rocky cuddled up in our store on one of our many
catnip sleeping mats. Rocky is very territorial, but will let one other feral cat in our store. Our
newest addition Sadie started visiting the store  when she was a sick kitten. We took her to the vet to
get medication and all her shots. Now Sadie is a happy black and white "cow" cat that we believe was
born in 2005 and that loves to sunbathe on our back deck and eat her favorite treat
Kitty Kaviar. YoYo is
our newest addition a very friendly cat, that is ivory with tiger spots born in 2007. He is such a little
sweetie, but we constantly have to stay on top of him otherwise he will make a nest in a basket of
stuffed animals (his favorite plush are Yorkies & Maltese) and we will not see him all day! If you are in
the area make sure and stop by and see if you can spot Rocky, Sadie, or YoYo amongst all the stuffed

Make a date with your furry friend and visit
our Florida store. All in one day you can visit our store, go to
a local dog park, and eat lunch with your pup at a dog friendly restaurant. Until next time wags to you!
Riddle by Jeanne Awad of Punta Gorda, FL

Rocky & Sadie, two romantical cats,
found the logical place to hang their hats,
A place to yawn and stretch their claws,
the pet friendly store called Salty Paws!
You'll need to look closely to find the pair
on a shelf, near a toy, or hiding somewhere.
As an employee answers the business calls,
These cats extend a welcome to all!